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Welcome to the domain of Texas Kaizoku! A place where I can share my love for anime in my own unique and expressive way. What is anime you may ask? Anime – sometimes called Japanimation – is a style of Japanese film and television animation typically aimed at adults as well as children. Examples that you are most likely familiarly unaware are Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and Poke’mon. Those are a few of the most popular examples that you’ve probably crossed over and didn’t realize you were watching anime. Once classified as being “uncool” and having a negative stigma in the early 90s, anime has now become widely accepted by many. There are open discussions on social media platforms of which character is the strongest in a particular show. Others cosplay as their most favorite influential characters at conventions in a manner that allows them to freely express themselves. Here, I will express my appreciation for anime by breaking down fights, character development, “villains” and more by paralleling it with my own personal philosophy in its own unique style. Now, lets weigh anchor and set sail!


The characters are the foundation of anime. Without them, this site wouldn’t be possible. The variety of characters range from the simple high school student who lacks confidence in himself but is a powerful psychic to an Egyptian pharaoh whom has forgotten his true identity. If you’re looking for a favorite, there are MANY to choose from all over!


You will be able to listen to open discussions about ongoing current events and personal thoughts in comparison to anime to easily better understand scenarios. Could destroying the entire world really be the best answer to resolve conflict? Or can humans show that they have the ability to change for the better?


One of the foundations of anime that makes them memorable are the fights that occur. Whether its’ preventing the main antagonist from opening a portal to the demon world or protecting a colony with gigantic mechanized weapons, you will not be disappointed.

Quote: The one who does not sacrifice anything cannot achieve anything. -Hiromu Arakawa

“The one who does not sacrifice anything cannot achieve anything.”

– Hiromu Arakawa